Turbine Replacement Elements

As important as temperature is in the production of electric power, many plant engineers and maintenance personnel overlook the importance of maintaining the accuracy of the temperature measurement system. After only a year in service, a thermocouple element operating in the 1000°F range will experience a shift in the EMF output, causing erroneous readings. This somewhat typical scenario has the potential to result in thousands of dollars of lost output a year.

These inaccuracies can be avoided by replacing critical control thermocouple elements, such as those located in the Westinghouse 501 Exhaust Probes. This simple and inexpensive task can result in large savings by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing productivity.

Turbine Elements



Design Features and Benefits

  • 304S/S Sheath encloses sensor wires, protecting them from moisture and other corrosives.
  • High Purity PYCOPACK assures long conductor life and minimum drift.
  • Sets of thermocouple elements manufactured from the same lot of material, providing a uniform EMF output.
  • Thermocouple lot is batch calibrated for conformance to Type K EMF.
  • Elements meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer's specifications.

PYCO has over fifty years of professional experience servicing the needs of the power generation industry around the Globe. Excellence in design, engineering, materials, and fabrication has been the hallmark of PYCO products since 1958. Contact our factory for assistance in identifying your replacement thermocouple element.